An Inside Look at All Things Goodman Theatre


Kelly Rickert

"Within a couple of months after the show closes, we start thinking about next year. So I’m kind of thinking about the next campaign in the back of my head all the time."

Jonathan Nook

"Kids gasp and laugh really loudly at the jokes. It’s just a different vibe; I love coming back."

Jeff Harris

"We got a call from an audience member who was concerned that we had harmed real geese, but it was just foam, rope and some fake feathers. A little too real for some, but I wore that as a badge of honor."

Heidi Sue McMath

"Audiences should recognize that this took place long ago, but still respond like it’s happening today."

Erin Tartaglia

"It’s fun to send out casting offers and let the artists know that they’re going to be in the play. I get to be the bearer of great news!"