An Inside Look at All Things Goodman Theatre


Penelope Walker

"I was born on Christmas Eve, and growing up I was never with my friends during that time because we were out of school. But this has became my party! This became the celebration, this became family."

Paris Strickland

"I am confident about being the first girl Tiny Tim. I am excited to show other people that girls can do anything!"

Marissa Ford and Mel Yonzon

"For me the most exciting thing about offering a sensory-friendly performance is just that theater is about connecting communities and reaching everybody and everyone getting a chance to appreciate, enjoy and experience art. That is what the Goodman is all about and that is what A Christmas Carol is really about."

Elizabeth Rice

"A lot of the kids assume theater is boring, but in this show, people are flying, gates suddenly come down from above, and things pop out of the floor."

Larry Yando

"There hasn't been one production in my 10 years where, at the beginning of rehearsals, we didn't have a discussion about what is going on with the world, and how the show can reflect current events."

Kim Furganson

"I wish you could hear (our patrons) when they start to call me—some as early as January!—to book their seats for next year’s production."