An Inside Look at All Things Goodman Theatre


Robert Falls

"During my time as Artistic Director, I’ve married and had three children, all of whom can’t imagine Christmas without A Christmas Carol. We come every year, and they’re like my very own focus group."

Roche Schulfer

"People always ask me 'what is your favorite production in 40 years at the Goodman?' and how can I not say A Christmas Carol? To be able to go from presenting a play to being a custodian of the Chicago holiday tradition—it’s an honor and a privilege. It’s something we take more seriously than people can possibly imagine." 

Lisa Gaye Dixon

"The story is ever relevant, ever enlightening—one can see something new and different each year, in both the physical production, but also in what is emphasized each year about human nature, empathy, and connection."

Willa J. Taylor

"The casting, with an eye toward inclusion, is really important to the Goodman. It’s amazing when students see people who look like them on stage."

Vikki Rodriguez

"It’s the first show I saw at the Goodman during what was my first holiday away from my family. The show was warm, fuzzy and magical and made me feel a little less homesick."

Susan Lemerand

"About seven years ago, as a project with my kids, I started to make found object robots. We did some and I really enjoyed making them. One day I was talking with a friend and was like, I should make some A Christmas Carol ones because the characters are so iconic and they're something I could easily translate into this version of sculpture."

Sadieh Rifai

"I’m playing Belle, and I’m really excited to be back! For a very awkward, frumpy, unpopular, mustached-ridden girl—an Arab, Muslim, from a small town—it’s been kind of a dream to be at one of the biggest theaters in the nation doing a very classic story with people who I love. "

Ron E. Rains

"There’s a wonderful family that has come every year since I’ve been in the show, the Berger family, and they’ve kind of adopted me and my family. The last few years I’ve attended Christmas Eve dinner at their house."

Rick Glass

"It’s like a good song. Everybody comes in and kind of does a cover of it, but they bring their own energy."