Experience your favorite Goodman Costumes in the digital world of Animal Crossing: New Horizons

By Garrett Reeves

If you’ve spent any time on the internet in the last two months, you probably know that the video game Animal Crossing: New Horizons is having a big moment—particularly due to the pandemic.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the latest in a series that has been around since 2001, but the balance of structured monotony and whimsy the game offers has made its release a global phenomenon.

In Animal Crossing, players take on the role of the sole human on an island of ridiculously cute animals. Players are tasked with building a society and spending their time doing everyday tasks, all to a sweet soundtrack of sultry bossa nova synth music.

The impressive thing about Animal Crossing is that its popularity has extended beyond the game console and out into the internet at large where players share screenshots on social media of their homes, custom clothing and uniquely curated gardens. Since the games release in March it has become “the #1 talked-about game in the world” according to Rishi Chadha, global head of gaming partnerships at Twitter.

So why is Goodman Theatre talking about a video game? Well, frankly, we were inspired. The ability within the game to create custom clothing for your characters reminded us of the hundreds of unique and custom costumes that have been created for our stage. We wanted to pay homage to our talented costume designers and adapt a few recognizable looks for the digital world of Animal Crossing. Check out our Instagram account for costumes from The Wolves (2018), Brigadoon (2014) and The Music Man (2019).

The Wolves

Original Costume Design by Noël Huntzinger, Animal Crossing design by Gavin Demore (Marketing Associate).


Original Costume Design by Mara Blumenfeld, Animal Crossing Design by Gavin Demore (Marketing Associate)

The Music Man

Original Costume Design by Ana Kuzmanic, Animal Crossing Design by Cori Lewis (Senior Graphic Designer). Goodman Marquee design by Mary Alex Nosek (Marketing & Research Manager)

In addition to the task-oriented stress relief that Animal Crossing offers, it also has another feature that appeals to us all now more than ever—socializing. In the era of social distance, players now have the opportunity to visit friendly islands and build a community friends old and new. You can also socialize by sharing your designs with others! All of our Goodman costumes are available using outfits codes. If you are one of the 11 million people currently playing Animal Crossing, we invite you to rock our gear for yourself, or even make you own version of your favorite Goodman costume. The possibilities are endless.