A Conversation with A Christmas Carol’s young performers

During the Christmas season at the Goodman, the joyous feeling of holiday magic is palpable throughout the halls of our theater. This year, we asked some of our young performers in A Christmas Carol to tell us what “Christmas Spirit” means to them—and we can learn a lot from their responses.
Playing Boy Scrooge/Peter Cratchit

Asher Alcantara: “Having Christmas spirit is about being connected with others and letting them into your lives, which is the theme of A Christmas Carol.”

Playing Emily Cratchit

Jillian-Giselle: “I think Christmas Spirit means to be thankful and happy for what you have, to be cheerful and to help other people so they can be happy too.”

Playing Belinda Cratchit

Isabel Kaegi: “Christmas spirit could mean hanging up lights, putting up the tree or going to Christkindlmarket; but, to me, it also means spending time with family, giving back to my community and showing gratitude for those I love. The holiday season is a time of reflection for me to look back on the last year and see how far I’ve come—and how far I still have to go.”

Playing Tiny Tim Alternate

Vikram Konkimalla: “To me, it means caring and sharing with others, and showing values like thoughtfulness and kindness to people who are less fortunate than us. It also means getting surprise gifts from family and friends— and dressing up in red!”

Playing Turkey Child

Nelson Simmons: “Christmas spirit would have to be waking up early on Christmas day, being the life of the party, spreading joy and having a good attitude around the holiday season.”

Playing Tiny Tim

Paris Strickland: “Christmas spirit is about re-examining and looking into yourself. It’s not about receiving; it’s about giving and making memories with the ones you love.”

By Joe Giovannetti, Development Communications Coordinator at Goodman Theatre.