Manager of Stewardship & Community Engagement Events

I’ve been at the Goodman since December 2004, so this will be my 14th A Christmas Carol. It’s the first show I saw at the Goodman during what was my first holiday away from my family. The show was warm, fuzzy and magical, and made me feel a little less homesick.

The Goodman staff does a “meet-and-greet” with the cast on the day of first rehearsal, and there are people who’ve been in the show every year for each of my 13 years; it’s like a lovely little homecoming with people you haven’t seen in a while. And it’s not just the show itself that’s incredible. I love how we decorate the Goodman lobby (glitter everywhere!), and we have a tree lighting at the first performance and give away tickets to the USO and other community organizations. We also see a lot of kids in the theater, for many of whom it’s their first time seeing live theater. It just makes my holiday even more marvelous.

There’s a moment in the show every year when Scrooge says, “Nephew, I’ve come for dinner,” that always makes me tear up. It really encompasses Scrooge’s journey to becoming a kinder, more loving and generous person. Growing up, he lost his sister and his girlfriend, Belle, and decided to not allow himself to be vulnerable anymore. But in that moment, as he asks to join his family for dinner, his vulnerability is on display. Even though I’ve seen the show 13 times, watching the two of them come together is still so heartwarming. It makes you realize what the holiday spirit is all about.

If I had to cast myself, I’d be the Ghost of Christmas Present, sprinkling glitter over everything! I literally shriek with glee every year when this Ghost first appears…funny and kind of irreverent with Scrooge. And towards the end of their time with Scrooge, as the stage backdrop completely opens and reveals the night sky filled with twinkly lights, this character remarks how even in the darkest of places, the spirit of the holiday is present. It’s just beautiful.