Bob Cratchit

This is my 11th year as Bob Cratchit, performing alongside Larry Yando all these years. Why do I come back every year? Well, it’s always good to work; but A Christmas Carol is so much more than that.

I started doing theater because it’s fun to work towards a common goal with a group of people, and maybe put something magical together. I’m not very good at communicating, but this show communicates exactly how I feel and how I’d like the world to be. It’s a show that really changes people. I see that when I collect donations for Season of Concern after performances. I can see their hearts have been touched. Sometimes, when grown men come to me and put their money in, they start crying and hug me. It’s rare for a man to be so moved that they start crying and hug somebody. That’s the change I want to see in the world.

The magic performance is the Christmas Eve matinee. There’s a wonderful family that has come every year since I’ve been in the show, the Berger family, and they’ve kind of adopted me and my family. The last few years I’ve attended Christmas Eve dinner at their house. The opening night is always fun, too, because it’s exciting, with lots of friends and family in the audience, and there’s always a party afterwards.