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I’ve seen A Christmas Carol every year since I’ve been at the Goodman, and I still love it. It’s the constant in our year. We do so many different kinds of plays here: productions that start out small and become big, others that start out big and the scale or scope becomes smaller for whatever reason, but A Christmas Carol is always there, and it’s always amazing. It’s like a good song. Everybody comes in and kind of does a cover of it, but they bring their own energy, and it’s a little bit different every time. As a good cover should be—it shouldn’t be a replication of what somebody else has done before. You’ve got to bring your own stuff to it, and everybody’s done that.

I’m a horror movie fan, and this show is the perfect mix of scares and heart. My favorite part of the production is the reveal of Jacob Marley’s ghost. It’s always like, “What are they going to do this year? How’s it going to be different? Is it going to be as scary as it’s been, or is it going to be fun?” There are a lot of different ways you can play it, so it’s always fun to see how it’s handled.

If I had to cast myself as one of the characters,  I would play the Ghost of Christmas Past. It’s the nostalgia—remembering all those moments in your life when Christmas was that magical. I get to do that with my kids now, which is nice.