Margaret & MomMAGGIE CHONG
Emily Cratchit

Proud Guardian of Maggie

Maggie: My mom heard about this, and my brother and I decided to audition. And we got a call back! One thing led to another, and we got to the second and final stage of auditions. It was very exciting when we heard the news.

Mary Beth (Mom): They actually didn’t know much about it. I set the auditions up because I wanted them to have an opportunity to audition at the next level, to see what it was like to prepare a song and monologue and actually get feedback about their performance.

Maggie: My brother played a part in my love for theater because I have always looked up to him as a model and someone that maybe I should follow after.

Mom: [tearing up] I didn’t expect her to talk like that!

Maggie: I am the most excited about rehearsals—to meet the cast and to live the experience. To really enjoy it. This is a very big opportunity. I’m a little bit too serious right now!

Mom: I’m excited because I love the history of A Christmas Carol. I like to see the casting and the diversity—the gender diversity, the age diversity, the cultural or ethnic diversity in the casting. We were here last year, and I liked how this production gives Scrooge a lot of depth and helps you gain empathy about his character.

Maggie: We weren’t in the cast, but we saw it last year. When I heard about the casting, it was actually very hard for me not to tell all my friends. I had to wait three weeks until I could tell them the news. One of my friends, Miley…

Mom: They don’t know who that is! [laughs] You know Miley?

Maggie: Well the first thing she asked was, “Can you get me backstage tickets?” She’s a really good friend of mine, so…

Mom: [laughs] You’ll see if you can work that one out.

Maggie: My favorite moment is the Fezziwig scene when you just feel everything…the Christmas joy that has come through this businessman, and how he celebrates even though he is a very sincere man. It shows that some of the most serious people can have Christmas joy.

Mary Beth: I like it when Scrooge realizes he has the power to change, and that the way he was living isn’t necessarily going to create happiness for himself or others. It shows the way we live today can predict future happiness.

Maggie: The role I’m playing is a lot like me. I’m very energetic, and I’m very young! And I am very childish sometimes. I can be serious in a way, but most times I’m very crazy.

Mom: [chuckles] Good!

Maggie: I just really like that character because in one of the scenes, on Christmas Day in the present, she tries to just make a little something exciting happen, even though they’re very poor. So she’s very positive and so am I.

Mom: How do you follow that? I really like Mrs. Fezziwig. She’s very maternal and brings everyone together to make them feel welcome.