School Programs Coordinator

I was an intern at the Goodman in the fall of 2011, and was hired after that. I have the lucky task of introducing our new schools in the School Matinee Series to A Christmas Carol. I get to see a lot of young people who’ve potentially never been to the theater become really excited by the magic of such a wonderful show.

The story is so universal. It’s really about overcoming obstacles. I love how we have so many different cast members that really show the spectrum of Chicago. It’s a great way for students to see themselves on stage. A lot of the kids assume theater is boring, but in this show, people are flying, gates suddenly come down from above, and things pop out of the floor. There’s just so much magic, that’s what makes it such a great entry point to the art of theater.

My favorite part is the Cratchit family dinner in the present era, when they sing their song as they exit off stage. The most relatable character to me is probably Fred’s wife. In every relationship, you have to deal with your significant other’s family, and she does it with a lot of grace. Her husband’s uncle is this crotchety old person, and you think, “Dude, you just need to let him go.”And she’s there thinking, “I know that you really love him, even though he’s the worst. So I’m going to support you in that.” Then, when Scrooge shows up on the doorstep at then end, she should be thinking, “What are you doing here?” Instead, she’s very welcoming.