Group Sales Manager/ Marketing Associate

I celebrate my 14-year anniversary at the Goodman this year, so I’ve seen my share of A Christmas Carol. Even though we present it every year, it is always great to see how the new cast members mix with those who have been in it for many years, and bring something new to the show. I’m really looking forward to seeing it this year with our first female Tiny Tim– it’s going to be really special.

There’s a change in the office when A Christmas Carol comes around. We’re always busy, but when the holidays roll around and A Christmas Carol gets into full swing, there’s this electric energy that kind of pulsates throughout the building.

I really enjoy working with our patrons who attend annually. I wish you could hear these people when they start to call me—some as early as January!—to book their seats for next year’s production. I have families who have been coming since their kids were very young, and now have new babies they plan to bring to the show. It’s a big deal for them; a spectacle, filled with exciting effects. And I get excited about their excitement. I just can’t explain the intensity with which people go nuts over this show.

There’s one gentleman, I just adore him, who calls every year from Florida at his vacation home, when he’s planning the next year. There was another lady who used to call me every year from Scotland.

I like Scrooge, but when he goes through the whole redemption part it ruins everything. Just kidding! The commercialization of Christmas in general—it starts earlier and earlier every year—can bring out the Scrooge in everyone, including myself. But then, I can kind of go through a redemption alongside him, and realize, well, this is really a great time to be with and appreciate the ones you love. You don’t know how much time you may have left with them. It’s really about helping people, appreciating people. I relate to Scrooge; afterall, he handles contracts at his job, and so do I!

I’m really excited that we’re doing a sensory-friendly performance this year. I wish there had been something like that when I was a kid, because I have a brother with autism. I would have loved to experience outings like this with family among the comfort and understanding of other families going through the same thing.