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Turkey Boy

Proud Guardian of Kei

Kei: I heard about A Christmas Carol from my agent.

Michael: We used to live right down the street [from the Goodman]. We’ve only lived in Chicago a few years, so we would see the signs and say, “We have to see this show!” And then the holidays come, people come into town, you go away and come back and you’re like, “It’s closed?!? Okay we’ll go next year…” And luck would have it, that next year he’s in the show. Now I’ve got to come!

Kei: I found out I was in the cast when my dad showed me the e-mail. Actually, I think we were in the car.

Michael: Dancing in the car! Much to the chagrin of other drivers. But they should share in our special moment; we invited them to!

Kei: I’m excited for…when we get to the stage!

Michael: And for the show? Like opening night?

Kei: To be in the costumes, to do my first performance…

Michael: We’re over the moon.

Kei: I’m proud of myself! And Dad’s proud of me.


Michael: He auditioned for the show the year before, so to get it this year, it’s like, “See? Hard work pays off!”

Kei: In the audition, I sang “12 Days of Christmas” and did a monologue.

[Michael makes a reference to a Mariah Carey sung in the rehearsal room]

Kei: Who’s Mariah Care—eeeyy?

Michael: She’s a famous singer who has a very famous Christmas song.

Kei: Oh, okay!