Company Manager

I started at the Goodman as the Marketing and PR Intern, and just never left! A Company Management job opened after my internship ended, so I’ve been here ever since. I love it!

I’ve seen A Christmas Carol at a few other places, and ours is the best. I might be biased, but the Goodman production definitely has such character; and how can you beat Larry Yando as Scrooge?

Every year, I get to contract the cast. It’s so fun to send out casting offers, and let the artists know that they’re going to be in the play. I love reaching out to the parents of the kids who will be in the show. They’re always so excited, like, “Oh my gosh, it’s MY kid? MY kid got this role?! My kid’s going to be Tiny Tim?!” Literally everyone is excited to be cast in A Christmas Carol, so I get to be the bearer of great news.

If I could cast myself…I was going to say Ghost of Christmas Present, but maybe the Ghost of Christmas Past, because I would get to fly! But Present is just so fun. Getting to throw the glitter and be surrounded by all the presents, what a fun gig!