Director of Ticket Services

Associate Director of Ticket Services

Summer: I’ve been at the Goodman for 17 years. My primary responsibility is to sell tickets, and to make our patrons happy when they attend the theater.

Erik: I’ve been here 18 years, and my primary responsibility is to manage the people who manage our box office. I serve as a conduit between this department (because everything flows through the box office) and the people in our administrative departments.

I’ve seen A Christmas Carol many, many times. I have two children, who are 8 and 11 years old, and they still enjoy the experience. What makes our A Christmas Carol special is that the Goodman knows the show needs to change. We update it, whether it’s technologically or the sets, but also as we shift as a culture and find that, say, gender roles aren’t as rigid as they used to be, so we change things in the production. That makes it exciting and new.

Summer: Whether you’re a Christmas-y person or not, the show has scenes that are applicable to everyone. Kids and adults—it just has good lessons! I talk to people every year who say, “My grandma took me to this show when I was young, and now I have a five-year-old grandson and I bring him.” I love that! We are a definitive part of people’s traditions.

Erik: With A Christmas Carol, it’s the only show some audience members go see.

Summer: The only thing—their whole lives, or all year long!

Erik: And Hamilton (if you’re lucky to get tickets).

Summer: Stuff goes wrong all the time! But in the spirit of the season, we always try to make things work. People bought tickets for November 19, but they show up December 19. That happens every year. But we say, “You’re a party of four? Okay, we may not get you all together, but mom and son can go sit over here, and…dad and daughter over there.” The staff works really hard to make sure that if you’re here in the theater, you’re going to have a good experience. We have a little magic Christmas dust to sprinkle around sometimes. And believe me, sometimes by December 20 we’re all Scrooges. It can happen.

Erik: But we don’t let it show!

Summer: But then you work the weekend before Christmas, and there are kids everywhere in their favorite dress-up clothes, frills and bow-ties, decorating cookies and hopped up to be here.

Erik: Oh my goodness, yeah! It’s one of those few shows that people dress up for.

Summer: Last year, a family came for their son’s 10th birthday. The mother called us beforehand, and told us how her mother used to take her as a child, so that’s what the son wanted to do because Grandma was coming to town. So we set them up with a letter from Scrooge, a gift on their seat, an ornament for the family and some drinks. This year, a patron is coming for her 60th birthday, and wanted to bring her whole family. So we’re giving them access to our Goodman Lounge so they can have a little celebration before the show. It’s really nice that people want to make us a part of their milestones.