Proud Guardian of Ariana Burks

Ariana: I previously appeared in A Christmas Carol in 2012. I always wanted to be in the show because I really loved this story. It was one of my first jobs as an actor. I loved it so much that five years later, I was like, “Well, I’m older now…who would they use me as?” I’d just done a theater program at the Goodman, so I love being back here. I’m so excited for all of the new people, and seeing the people I did it with five years ago for the 35th anniversary. I was one of the younger sisters last time, so it’s really cool to be the oldest sister now!

Elise: I love the moment when Scrooge wakes up after seeing the Ghost of Christmas Future and he has this new perspective on life. It just warms my heart that someone who was so mean throughout the entire show finally gets it, and becomes that person that we’re all kind of hoping that he’ll be from the beginning.

Ariana: I love the Ghost of Christmas Present. Hopefully when I’m older, I’ll come back and play that role.

Elise: And the Fezziwig scene! The party scene. I love that one.

Ariana: The dance, yes!

Elise: It’s so nice how the Christmas decorations go up in the theater. My other daughter likes to buy the hot chocolate in the lobby. But [collecting donations for] Season of Concern, that’s what puts you in the holiday spirit.

Ariana: The show has definitely become a holiday tradition now, we come see it!

Elise: Well, we always know somebody in it, now that Ariana’s done it.

Elise: I think there should be a female Scrooge.

Ariana: That would be SO COOL!

Elise: Wouldn’t that be cool?

Ariana: The Goodman is known to break boundaries, and do things differently. I wouldn’t be surprised if in the years to come that happens. We have a female Tiny Tim this year! She’s so sweet, I love her. We’ve added different Cratchit kids, like we have another son this year. A lot has changed in these five years.