Curriculum and Instruction Associate

Last year was my first year as an employee, and my first-ever A Christmas Carol, because I’m Jewish. It’s a classic story, but I’d never seen it before. It was really funny to tell (Director) Henry Wishcamper that it was my first A Christmas Carol. He was like “not even the Muppets?” and I was like, “not even the Muppets!”

The thing I look forward to with A Christmas Carol is how technical the show is. I run Stage Chemistry, our Education program about the science, engineering and math involved with technical theater, and with a lot of our workshops, we study general ideas that apply to all theatrical productions. But with A Christmas Carol, we studied the motors that move the set pieces and calculated our own horsepower, and this year we’re examining actors in flight, and the simple machines that let us do amazing things on stage. To fly an actor or a set piece, you’re working with something that is just a more complex version of a pulley and counterweights. It’s maybe one of the most technically interesting things we do on stage, and it’s accomplished with simple machines and physics.

It’s going to be so cool this year, because I’ve heard the flying is going to be a little different. So it’s a perfect year to be doing a lesson about flight. I’m so excited!