It’s Fourth of July Weekend! If you were in New London, Connecticut in 1906, perhaps you’d be celebrating with lobster feasts and sloe gin fizzes with the Miller Family.

While this year the cast of Ah, Wilderness! will be hard at work onstage for most of the weekend, we asked them how they usually celebrate Independence Day.

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Wilderness_Pro05Travis Knight (Arthur Miller)

My grandparents own a cabin on a lake in northern Wisconsin so we try to get up there at least once every summer. In years past, we’ve there over the 4th and it is always a great time. We usually barbecue, build a fire, and watch the fireworks go off at other cabins around the lake.

Wilderness_Pro12Kate Fry (Lily Miller)

We head to the Northwestern campus with a blanket to watch the fireworks.  Always great fun to be part of the collective oo-ing and ah-ing.  We also often make a point of eating delicious BBQ followed by pie or ice cream. Or both!

Wilderness_Pro07Matthew Abraham (Tommy Miller)

We spend the 4th at Lake Geneva.  On the 3rd of July we enjoy the fireworks at the Grand Geneva Hotel eating cotton candy, waiving our glow in the dark necklaces, and sparklers! Always a great time under the night sky!

Wilderness_Pro03Amanda Drinkall (Belle)

My family always has a big reunion over July 4th weekend!  We go up to my Aunt’s house in Wisconsin or down to our family farm in central Illinois.  There’s always lots of eating, talking, playing cards, and watching dozens of kids run around.  I look forward to it every year.

Wilderness_Pro14Rochelle Therrien (Mildred Miller)

Not much in terms of tradition now that I’m older but as a kid we always watched fireworks at Lacy Park in San Marino, CA where I grew up. My dad would wake up and help set up the the 4th of July parade. Sometimes we’d join him for the actual parade but usually we’d meet up at the park in the afternoon, set up our picnic blanket and snacks, and hang out all day at Lacy Park with the rest of the people in town until the fireworks show at night. As kids we’d run around freely – bouncing back and forth from our picnic areas and the playground and once it was dark, we all got back to our picnic blankets and enjoyed the fireworks. It was always a great day!

Wilderness_Pro04Ricardo Gutierrez (David McComber)

For the past 18 years we have celebrated July 4th at our neighborhood block party. Neighbors invite their family and friends and our street and yards become filled with joyous people sharing games, food and drinks, music and good times.

Wilderness_Pro11Larry Bates (Sid Davis)

Don’t have a standing tradition but…… my 4th usually involves family, food and fun. Lots of barbecue and lots of laughter. Just a good ole time.