Each season, Goodman Theatre hosts between 30-40 interns to learn about and engage in the behind-the-scenes process of running Chicago’s largest not-for-profit theater. Aspiring theater practitioners can gain invaluable, career-defining experience in both the creative and administrative areas of the theater—including casting, costumes, development, education and engagement, literary management and dramaturgy, marketing, publicity/PR, production management, properties, sound and stage management. Upon completion of their internship, many accept fulltime employment at the Goodman, or are hired by another acclaimed arts organization in Chicago, and beyond. Here, a handful of former interns share memorable moments from their experience in this capacity—and how the Goodman prepared them for the professional world.

“I loved working with the playwrights and directors of the Playwrights Unit. I not only got to absorb all of their expertise and artistry, but they treated me as a peer and an artist, not a gofer.” -Abby Cady, 2016

“Casting The Long Red Road by Brett C. Leonard, directed by the late Philip Seymour Hoffman, was a highlight. Beyond what a treat it was to hang out with Phil and Brett, I remember the piece being very challenging to cast—and it was the beginning of my commitment to seeking authenticity and equity in the theater.” -Hannah Fenlon, 2009

“The work was real. I prepped and participated in media interviews with artists and staff, including NBC’s The Today Show. I sat in on marketing meetings and developed campaigns, and I learned first-hand how the local and national media, arts organizations and city governments all intersect.” -Christopher Jones, 2007

“Getting to work on the Goodman’s adaptation of 2666 was amazing. I had never read the work of Roberto Bolaño before and, as a fellow Latino artist and poet, his work was truly inspirational in shaping that period in my life and my time after leaving the Goodman. Additionally, getting to witness Robert Falls’ and Seth Bockley’s adaptation process was a highly informative experience.” -Patrick Runfeldt, 2015

“I learned a lot about myself while I was at the Goodman. Folks don’t talk too much about what it’s like and how hard it actually is out of that “college-bubble,” and the real work it takes to identify who you are as an artist and as a human. I was able to solidify my work ethic at the Goodman.” – Jessica Lind, 2009

“Prior to the Goodman internship, I really wasn’t sure how my career would unfold. This internship exposed me to possible professional careers in the arts, provided me with valuable real-world experience for my resume, and helped me to start building a network of established professionals and mentors, whom I still cherish today.” – Joshua Carter, 2013

“My internship at the Goodman solidified my interest in and fascination with the new play development process, and laid the foundation for my future. Since my internship, I have taken the skill sets and network I gained in Goodman rehearsal rooms to new play processes across the country.” – Sophie Blumberg, 2013

“I didn’t actually know what a career in the arts management meant until I had the opportunity to work as an intern and work in that environment. As soon as I got a taste of what it was like, I knew that was what I wanted to do.” – Elizabeth Gottman, 2011

“My Goodman internship threw me into the deep end, and made me learn how to swim very quickly. This was exactly what I needed: a professional experience during my college education that pushed me to go above and beyond what I even thought I was capable of.” -Jon DeVries, 2015

“The Goodman internship was essential in starting out my casting career. Adam Belcuore and Erica Sartini are amazing mentors: they were intentional with the tasks I was given, so I was both challenged and set up to succeed. They fostered a creative, efficient and organized environment where I was able to learn.” -Laura Durham, 2012

“I will never forget the first time I sat down in the Albert Theatre to watch Smokefall, and saw my name in the program. I ended up seeing the show a total of four times—and kept each playbill, because it seemed surreal that I was somehow attached to the experience.” -David Díaz, 2014

“To this day, I talk about how I was able to put my name on projects and call them my own. All of us interns were able to make an impact in our respective departments, and it showed.” -Jacob Cohen, 2014

“My internship was key to establishing me in the theater sound community in Chicago. I went on to work on several shows at the Goodman during the years since, along with covering many more productions.” – Joseph Disbrow, 2013

“The Goodman stage managers were essential in teaching me best practices for running an organized rehearsal and production. Those qualities have helped me move through my career in the theater—from stage manager to Actors Equity Association employee to Associate General Manager at a regional theater—and even inform my current job outside of theater.” -Andrea Collignon, 20O3

To see more from our former interns, go online to Onstage+. To learn about our Internship programs or apply for internships visit GoodmanTheatre.org/Engage-Learn/Internships