“Such interesting people live on Christopher Street…Here we live, here we love, this is the place for self-expression.” So goes the lyrics to “Christopher Street,” the opening musical number of Wonderful Town.  Costume designer Ana Kuzmanic was tasked with bringing that sense of individual style to the “poets, actors, dancers, writers” of 1950s Greenwich Village introduced in the song and appearing throughout the musical. “The design for Wonderful Town is very playful,” Kuzmanic said, noting she looked to magazine illustrations from the era for inspiration. “The colors and the patterns are quite bold. During the ‘50s, [garment] silhouettes constantly changed, which gave me the opportunity to highlight various personalities. For example, the character of Eileen is lovely and bright like a sunny day, so the shape of her costumes is round and fluffy. On the contrary her sister Ruth is quite serious and a little up-tight, so I gave her straighter lines and a more rigid silhouette.” Creating the costumes even allowed the Yugoslavia-born designer to reflect on her own success in the theater industry. “This piece really makes me smile,” she said. “It is about young people following their dreams in the wonderful city of New York. Though the musical form is light and fun, there is this element of reality – every day hundreds of young people land in New York in pursuit of their dreams. I was one of those people – dreaming of designing big American musicals in big theaters – and after years of hard work, here I am!”