In Soups, Stews, and Casseroles: 1976, the fate of a Wisconsin cheese factory comes into question after it is acquired by a larger food conglomerate. The majority of conversations about its future, however, take place not within the factory, but at the kitchen table of employee Kim Durst and his family. As playwright Rebecca Gilman lays out in her script, the kitchen is “a well and oft-used room” complete with “a long counter with bar stools [holding] stacks of mail, newspapers, a glass jug full of pennies” and several other traits often found in an average American kitchen. Set designer Kevin Depinet was tasked with not only bringing to life a busy rural kitchen, but one stylistically reflective of the 1970s, the period in which the play is set. A set model and images below show Depinet’s vision and inspirations for the Durst family’s central gathering place.