This response is how most of our shows are created at The Second City, the birthplace of North American improvisation. Twist Your Dickens was no exception.

Our friends Neel Keller and Michael Ritchie from Center Theatre Group in Los Angeles asked, “Want to work on a Second City version of A Christmas Carol?”

Us: “Yes.”

Us to the talented writers, Peter Gwinn and Bobby Mort: “Want to work on a script for a Second City version of A Christmas Carol?”

Peter Gwinn and Bobby Mort: “Yes.”

The Second City’s Twist Your Dickens, or Scrooge You! broke box office records and received rave reviews in Los Angeles when it premiered in 2011 and an equally successful run followed in Portland. Of course we were thrilled with this success, but what we really wanted for Christmas was to bring this show home to Chicago.

We called our friends at The Goodman. They said, “Yes.”

When it was announced that The Second City’s Twist Your Dickens would be playing at the Goodman in the Owen Theatre next door to their annual hit A Christmas Carol, we received several concerned phone calls. “Are they sure about this? Really?”

Yes, they were completely sure and, luckily, so were the audiences. The Goodman suddenly had two hit shows to ring in the holiday season and, thankfully, they’ve invited us back. Goodman audiences are sophisticated and they also like to have a good time. They appreciate the show’s mix of legitimate theater, parody, sketch comedy and improvisation—a perfect combination of The Second City and the Goodman. It’s a show that celebrates all of the joy and traditions of the season and pokes fun at the cultural icons that have become ingrained with the holiday.

So, sit back, have a cocktail and enjoy a cookie (if you haven’t already tried the cookies, grab one at intermission. Seriously – you won’t regret it). Thank you for enjoying the holidays with us.

Andrew Alexander
CEO/Executive Producer
The Second City, Inc.

Erica Daniels
Second City Theatricals