Today is International Stage Management Day. In recognition of all the amazing stage managers we are lucky to work with at the Goodman and all the dedicated SMs around the world, we’ve compiled the top 10 reasons why we love stage managers.

10. Production calendars? Boom, you’re a magician balancing hectic schedules.

9. You know what the director needs before she even asks.

8. During rehearsal a cast member yells LINE… SMs are ready with the assist.

7. You call cues perfectly EVERY time.

6. Stage managers ensure the safety of everyone on stage.

5. All the actors makes their call times on your watch.

4. Costume tear? You’re ready with an emergency quick stitch.

3. When we have a breakdown during tech week, stage managers are there for emotional support.

2. You don’t let anyone mess with mandatory dinner breaks.

1. Because who runs the world? Stage Managers!