Learn about the five characters in Ayad Akhtar’s Disgraced below!


Amir: Amir is the central character in Disgraced. Amir’s family is of South Asian origin, but he was born in the United States and firmly identifies as an American. He is a successful corporate lawyer and lives in a lush apartment on New York City’s Upper East Side, where the play takes place.  He was raised Muslim, but now describes himself as an apostate. Amir is married to Emily and works at the same law firm as Jory.


Emily: Emily is an artist and Amir’s wife. Emily finds inspiration for her work in ancient Islamic art traditions, though she is Christian. She has seen some success in her recent showings, and she hopes to be included in a new group show at The Whitney Museum of American Art in New York.


Abe: Abe is Amir’s nephew, also of South Asian origin. He is in his early 20s. Abe was born with the name Hussein Malik but decided to change his name to Abe Jensen in order to better assimilate into American culture.


Isaac: Isaac is a curator at The Whitney Museum of American Art, and he is interested in Emily’s artwork. He is Jewish, and he is married to Amir’s co-worker, Jory.


Jory: Jory is African-American and Amir’s colleague and friend. They are two of a very small number of ethnic minorities at the law firm. She is very successful and always candid in her conversations with Amir. Jory is married to Isaac.