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The Wolves

Leaders of the Pack: A Conversation with The Wolves Playwright Sarah DeLappe and Director Vanessa Stalling

If there’s a theatrical equivalent to scoring a championship-winning goal, 26 year-old playwright Sarah DeLappe has certainly done it with her soccer-themed play, The Wolves—written as a graduate student at Brooklyn College. DeLappe earned a spot among the 2017 Pulitzer Prize finalists for the New York premiere of her debut play, which received two encore…

A Note from the Artistic Director

For decades, the competitive and energizing world of sports has been the backdrop for many acclaimed theatrical works. From Clifford Odets’ boxing-themed drama Golden Boy to the baseball centric Damn Yankees and Richard Greenberg’s Take Me Out, writers use athletics to create high-stakes drama, to build atmosphere and as a metaphor for life’s challenges. Yet…