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Lynn Nottage at Goodman Theatre

Sweat marks the fourth play by the Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright to be produced at the Goodman. Here is a look back at her previous works. Crumbs from the Table of Joy (2006) Directed by Chuck Smith in the Owen Theatre Pictured: Ella Joyce (standing) as Lily Ann Green and Nambi E.…

Reading, Pennsylvania: A Brief History

Lynn Nottage sets her play Sweat in Reading, Pennsylvania—a once-prosperous city 48 miles northwest of Philadelphia—captivated by its early 21st century economic struggles. Reading’s story, from its earliest pre-Revolutionary beginnings to its apex in the 1930s to its current state of economic decline, mirrors that of many cities across the nation that have undergone sweeping changes…

Blue Collar Blues

As historians often try to make clear, the us-and-them divisiveness that defines American life today did not spring full-blown from the election of 2016: our cultural discord goes back decades. And while its causes are varied, the threads of race and the economy are woven deep into the fabric of this dilemma. With Sweat—for which…