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Humans of A Christmas Carol

Chris Smith

"One of my favorite performances every year is for groups of grade school students; Marley scares them to death, and they love it!"

Chris Kolz

"This is pretty special...very few people see what’s in here, because it’s a dark interior. There used to be a chandelier that sort of lit up the inside, but they wanted a dark and mysterious thing that you don’t really see. So this was probably the biggest project that I worked on for A Christmas Carol."

Anna Gelman

"Last year was my first year as an employee and my first A Christmas Carol. I run Stage Chemistry, our Education program about the science, engineering and math...and this year we’re examining actors in flight, and the simple machines that let us do amazing things on stage."

Alice Maguire

“This is my 30th A Christmas Carol and to me, it’s like an old friend. My favorite prop in A Christmas Carol is the old plum pudding. It was a big, round, Styrofoam ball, painted with white drips of icing and a sprig of holly and it looked exactly like the Who pudding. The first time I opened the box, I was like, 'it’s the Who pudding!' I LOVED that prop! Such a whimsical, silly prop.”

Alden Vasquez

"I’ve been with the Goodman on and off for almost 30 years. This is my 27th year on A Christmas Carol. I’m proud we’ve lasted 40 years and we get to do this every year. We get to educate and entertain people, and allow families to make it a tradition for themselves."