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The Power of Original Voices: A New Generation of Artists Finds Success at Goodman Theatre

Yasmina’s Necklace marks a “Goodman homecoming” for playwright Rohina Malik and director Ann Filmer—two artists who received early-career mentorship as part of the theater’s Playwrights Unit and Michael Maggio Directing Fellowship, respectively. These programs are among the Goodman’s myriad initiatives designed to help nurture new plays. “As Chicago’s largest not-for-profit theater, we have a responsibility…

“It Started with a Necklace”: Meet Playwright Rohina Malik

Shortly before rehearsals began, Rohina Malik spoke with dramaturg Dana Lynn Formby about her inspiration for Yasmina’s Necklace and her journey as a playwright. Dana Lynn Formby: What inspired this play? Rohina Malik: It started with a necklace. My friend told me about a cashier he saw at a grocery store. She wore a necklace…

A Note About About Yasmina’s Necklace From the Artistic Director

I first heard about Rohina Malik’s work when she wrote and performed her one-woman show, Unveiled, in which she played five distinct Muslim women discussing their choice to cover their heads—and the resulting discrimination they encountered, especially after 9/11. This play demonstrated Rohina’s ability to challenge stereotypes surrounding the Muslim community, of which she is…