An Inside Look at All Things Goodman Theatre

Director Mary Zimmerman at the Goodman

Summer of 2019 sees a classic American musical revived at Goodman Theatre. The Music Man, directed by Mary Zimmerman is one of the highlights of the Goodman's 2018/2019 Season. In anticipation of this sure-to-be spectacular production, we look back at Zimmerman's history with the Goodman and Chicago's vibrant theater community.

A Note from the Artistic Director

Among the Goodman’s artistic priorities is the examination of history—particularly events that, despite their impact on society, have not traditionally found a place in textbooks or in the popular consensus of what is considered historically important.

Navigating the Waters: Pulitzer Prize Finalist Dael Orlandersmith Takes to the Streets of Ferguson, Missouri in Until the Flood

In Until the Flood, Goodman Artistic Associate and Alice Center Resident Artist Dael Orlandersmith explores the social unrest in Ferguson, Missouri, following the shooting of teenager Michael Brown. Drawing from her extensive interviews with Ferguson residents, Orlandersmith crafts an extraordinary theatrical experience in which she embodies eight residents of the town as they try to…

Testing the Waters: Stage Chemistry on the Science of Water

Flying actors; giant, moving set pieces; storms of thunder, rain and lightning—what appears as onstage magic in Goodman Theatre productions is quite often science concepts at work behind the scenes. Since 2008, the Goodman’s unique Stage Chemistry program has brought high school students into the unseen technical world of the theater to explore the use…

Henrik Ibsen at the Goodman

Artistic Director Robert Falls’ adaptation of An Enemy of the People is the latest in Goodman Theatre’s six-decade history of producing Henrik Ibsen and works inspired by the writer’s plays. 1953 David B. Itkin, director of the Goodman Memorial Theatre, helms a production of The Master Builder. 1962 Melvin Bernhardt directs Ibsen’s Hedda Gabler, with…

A Note from the Artistic Director

Any theater artist will inevitably confront the genius of 19th century Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen. Often dubbed “The Father of Modern Drama,” Ibsen wrote plays that differed from his forerunners’ in both style and subject matter. Portraying life “just as it is” had never been a goal for playwrights in previous eras: the ancient Greeks…