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Sensory-Friendly A Christmas Carol—Making a Holiday Classic Accessible for All

Goodman Theatre is excited to announce our first sensory-friendly performance in our 40th anniversary celebration of A Christmas Carol, Saturday, December 30 at 2pm. Sensory-Friendly/Relaxed performances are designed to create a performing arts experience that is intended for families with members who have autism or other social, cognitive and physical challenges that create sensory sensitivities. You can…

Decades of Delight: Celebrating 40 Years of A Christmas Carol

It was 1978: Grease was on the big screen, Jimmy Carter in the White House and the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack topped the charts for 24 weeks. The world has certainly changed since A Christmas Carol premiered on the Goodman stage that year, yet the production has remained a Chicago standard. As Scrooge reflects on his own past, the Goodman is thrilled to look back over the past 40 years of A Christmas Carol.

A Note About About Yasmina’s Necklace From the Artistic Director

I first heard about Rohina Malik’s work when she wrote and performed her one-woman show, Unveiled, in which she played five distinct Muslim women discussing their choice to cover their heads—and the resulting discrimination they encountered, especially after 9/11. This play demonstrated Rohina’s ability to challenge stereotypes surrounding the Muslim community, of which she is…