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Why Feathers and Teeth? Artistic Director Robert Falls on the Play’s Wholly Original Outlook

In a world in which many things (including plays) are easily categorized, Charise Castro Smith’s Feathers and Teeth is a delightful anomaly. At first glance, it’s a dark parody of such late ‘70s family sitcoms as The Brady Bunch, replete with shag carpeting, lacquered hairstyles and uneasy family dinners. Beneath its chrome-and-plastic surface, though, the play…

Stage Screams: The Horror Genre in Theater

For the first time in its history, Goodman Theatre dips a toe into the crimson waters of horror this fall with playwright Charise Castro Smith’s Feathers and Teeth. The play focuses on a family whose matriarch recently succumbed to cancer, but rather than taking the form of a taut emotional drama, Feathers and Teeth plumbs its…

Disgraced: A Production History

Now among the most celebrated American plays of this decade, Ayad Akhtar’s Disgraced will soon become among the most performed, with more than 20 regional theater productions scheduled for the coming season alone. Following is a brief history of the play’s journey from its acclaimed off-Loop roots to its Tony Award-nominated Broadway run and beyond.…