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If there’s a theatrical equivalent to scoring a championship-winning goal, 26 year-old playwright Sarah DeLappe has certainly done it with her soccer-themed play, The Wolves—written as a graduate student at Brooklyn College. DeLappe earned a spot among the 2017 Pulitzer Prize finalists for the New York premiere of her debut play, which received two encore […]

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In casting The Wolves, the Goodman faced a unique task: find actors who could deliver a compelling story of teenage girls on the brink of adulthood, who have the stamina to remain on stage for the entire 90-minute play and who could perform intricate soccer drills. Associate Casting Director Erica Sartini-Combs and Casting Coordinator Rachael […]

Community Engagement

This summer, the Goodman joined forces with the Association for Theatre in Higher Education (ATHE) conference to further influence the rise in “Peace Room” initiatives in university classrooms. Peace Rooms focus on creating spaces where conflicts are solved in a holistic matter without resorting to punitive or violent measures. Members from ATHE visited the Goodman’s […]

About the Plays

Dear Audience Member, Each fall for the last 12 years, the Goodman’s artistic staff has had the opportunity to pull back the curtain and invite audiences to see the new projects we’ve been researching, developing and dreaming about behind the scenes. Featuring a handful of the best new plays we’ve read over the course of […]

About the Plays

In the early 1990s, the Chinese Ministry of Health set up plasma stations across Henan province that allowed impoverished farmers to sell their plasma for compensation. This infused cash into small villages, and also became a profit source for Health Ministry officials. When plasma is donated, red blood cells are routinely returned to the donor. […]