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The School Matinee Series: Helping Chicago Teachers Introduce Students to the Power of Theater

For the past 31 years, the Goodman’s School Matinee Series (SMS) has worked with hundreds of teachers from high schools across Chicago, bringing students each year to see Goodman productions—including Blind Date—free of charge. Throughout the school year, Goodman Education staff work with teachers to integrate play content and the arts into specific curricula across…

Season of Concern—Artists Helping Artists

This holiday season, theaters are collecting donations for Season of Concern, a non-profit created nearly 30 years to provide care for those in the theater community afflicted with AIDS-related illnesses and other health-related emergencies. Please consider making a contribution after attending a performance or donate online. Learn more at…

Sensory-Friendly A Christmas Carol—Making a Holiday Classic Accessible for All

Goodman Theatre is excited to announce our first sensory-friendly performance in our 40th anniversary celebration of A Christmas Carol, Saturday, December 30 at 2pm. Sensory-Friendly/Relaxed performances are designed to create a performing arts experience that is intended for families with members who have autism or other social, cognitive and physical challenges that create sensory sensitivities. You can…

Robert Falls

"During my time as Artistic Director, I’ve married and had three children, all of whom can’t imagine Christmas without A Christmas Carol. We come every year, and they’re like my very own focus group."

Roche Schulfer

"People always ask me 'what is your favorite production in 40 years at the Goodman?' and how can I not say A Christmas Carol? To be able to go from presenting a play to being a custodian of the Chicago holiday tradition—it’s an honor and a privilege. It’s something we take more seriously than people can possibly imagine." 

Lisa Gaye Dixon

"The story is ever relevant, ever enlightening—one can see something new and different each year, in both the physical production, but also in what is emphasized each year about human nature, empathy, and connection."

Share Your Story: Join Goodman Theatre’s GeNarrations

Do you have a special story to tell? Join GeNarrations, a seven-week personal narrative writing workshop for adults age 55+. During workshops, participants write stories about their lives based on themes from the plays on stage. Currently, the Goodman works with more than 100 participants in spaces on Chicago’s north, west and south sides, as well as in the Alice Rapoport Center for Education and Engagement. Below, GeNarrations participant Barbara Ketter recounts a special Christmas past: